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 5-days of Music, Wellness, Workshops, Beach-time
🌛 25 International DJs & Live Acts

🪄 Embark on a celebratory odyssey as Dream of Utopia marks its Glowing 5th Edition! Born out of a vision originating from Berlin in 2020, our journey has flourished into a legendary gathering, where the turquoise of the Turkish Riviera kisses the serenity of forests and mountains.

🌅 This year, we return to the cherished shores of Faralya, our utopian sanctuary where the sea whispers mantras of togetherness and the sunsets paint dreams.

⛵ With a heart open to 250 chosen voyagers, Dream of Utopia gradually transcends from a tranquil retreat of wellness and creativity, into a weekend of stellar musical acts and festivities.... Together, let's weave a tapestry of unforgettable memories with our international maestros and like-minded Utopians, where every moment is an invitation to explore, connect, and celebrate!


SEPTEMBER 25-30, 2024

Zusammenfassung Oberflächen

International DJs & Live Acts

Defected, Kraftmatic

Mask Records Berlin

Get Physical, Golden Karma

Kater Blau, Sound of Utopia

Stil Vor Talent, Get Physical

Kater Blau, Obsolet

::: Berlin Underground :::
B.Clarke · Davibe · Gutmann · Kaiser Kuba

Live Acoustic ::: Hasan Orak Ekinci

::: more soon to be announced :::




Begin your journey in the spirit of unity with our signature bonding activities and whimsical games... As the sun dips below the horizon, our first musical acts will usher in the night, setting the stage for the connections and memories that will unfold.



Rise with the day at our Opening Ceremony, a portal to set intentions and weave connections... Elevate vibrations and ground yourself with wellness activities like sound healing, art therapy, breathwork, and sunset meditation; leading into a night of music that concludes at 1 am.



Embark on an odyssey of adventure and discovery... Morning calls for an immersive Hiking / Soundwalk, leading into the Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance. Expand your awareness at the Mindfulness Academy, marking the transition from day's exploration to evening's festivities.



The Crescendo of our gathering — a day dedicated to co-creating a kaleidoscope of joy! Join the vibrant Rhythm Circle, express yourself at the Open Community Showcase, and let loose in the liberating Free Movement workshop. Together, we'll dance, laugh, and celebrate life in all its facets.



A serene closing day, Sunday invites reflection on our collective odyssey... Possibilities include a light-hearted Juggling workshop, as well as bookable Private Boat Tours or Thai massage. As the night falls, a final evening of musical connection awaits, with farewells on Monday morning.



Spiritual & Wellness

Engage in transformative practices nourishing body and soul: Sound Healing · Breathwork · Cacao Ceremony · Ecstatic Dance · Morning Yoga · Sunset Meditation


Unlock new skills in our interactive workshops: Rhythm (Percussions) Circle · Juggling · Movement Alchemy · Mindfulness Essentials · Creative Flow / Art Therapy

Outdoor Adventures

Ignite your sense of adventure with outdoor activities: Daily Beach Bliss · Explorative Hiking / Soundwalk · Collective Harmony · Open Community Showcase

Bookable (extra) Activities to enhance your experience

Private Boat Tour · Paragliding · Scuba Diving · Thai Massage · Artisanal Tattoo Session · Face Painting · Tarot Readings

Facilitators: Francesco Diperno, Hasan Orak Ekinci, Özge Canoğlu
::: more to be announced :::



Playlists by Year: 2020 - 2021 - 2022 - 2023

Past Editions

Venue: Faralya / Fethiye

“Where Sunsets Paint Dreams and the Sea Sings Stories”

We meet at the mesmerizing landscape of Faralya, along the Lycian Way — also known as the “Land of Light”. Nestled within the lush vegetation of thyme, rosemary, and pine forests, this magical stretch of nature spans between the infamous Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay. Here, the green meets the blue, mountains embrace waves, and ancient ruins add mystery to the cliffs... This year, we reconnect with Rocas Roja, the heavenly venue where our dream first began; complemented by the ethereal beauty of Lov Faralya, our new oasis.

Rocas Roja Hotel is the heart of Dream of Utopia. Comfortable bungalows, alongside spaces that invite connection — restaurant, bar, and lounging areas — all frame the unforgettable vistas of the sea and sunsets. The expansive pool, filled with freshness of sea water, mirrors the sky. Amidst this setting, our vibrant musical stages and immersive activity zones come to life…

Lov Hotel's ethereal beauty, a mere 10-minute walk from Rocas, emerges as a serene counterpart, providing luxury accommodations and hosting select day-time activities... Amidst sandalwood trees and a captivating shoreline, it sets the stage for unique experiences...